5 Creative Ways to Give Jewelry as a Gift

There’s something about jewelry that makes it one of the most frequently gifted items. And when you give someone something you’ve made yourself, it feels even more special. We have five creative ways for you to make custom jewelry boxes perfect for giving away your creations!

  1. How to make a jewelry box from a simple cardboard box?
  2. How to make a jewelry box from old books?
  3. How to create a jewelry box for earrings, bracelets and necklaces?
  4. How to make a pretty fabric-covered jewelry box?
  5. How to make an embellished shadowbox jewelry box?

Although jewelry is often given as a gift, it can be tough to come up with unique and interesting ideas for presentation. A jewelry kraft box, however, can be the perfect way to show off your creativity and give your loved ones a beautiful and special present.

There are many ways to make a jewelry box, but we’ve gathered five of our favorites for you to try. From using simple cardboard boxes to creating gorgeous fabric-covered boxes, these projects are perfect for any skill level. So get creative and start making some beautiful jewelry boxes today!

How to make a jewelry box from a simple cardboard box?

You will need

1. A cardboard box

2. Ruler

3. Pen

4. Scissors

5. Craft knife

6. Glue stick

7. Packaging tape

8. Ribbon or string

9. Something to decorate the box

10. Something to decorate the lid of the box.

11. A label DIY Jewelry Boxes.

DIY jewelry boxes are easy to make. Decorate them with flowers, artwork, and other things like knick-knacks. Photos of these boxes can be seen in the following pictures. I hope you try this. I know that there are many ways to decorate a box, but these instructions should help you out!

If you want to be adventurous, try making jewelry boxes. You can decorate them with flowers or other things. It is easy and DIY, but it still gets the job done. Here is a tutorial on how to make a basic two-box using children’s jewelry, aluminum foil (a hot glue gun is optional), and an assortment of small plastic water bottles. As you decorate, create patterns in the foil with a long-handled paintbrush or dry-erase marker to add interest.

You can make a pretty box with a lid out of copper. Cut 7x7x7 pieces of 2’x4′. Screw the ends together and cover the middle with aluminum foil. Cut 8x8x8 pieces of 1/2″ thick copper tube, drill 2 holes on either end and place them 4′ apart.

How to make a jewelry box from old books.

My husband and I had a problem with never having enough jewelry boxes. So we made two boxes. One is a sandbox with plastic hardware, hot glue, and drawers. We use it for everything like jewelry, wallets, ID cards, and medicine.

The second case has a large, round door with a picture in it. It is used when we want to show things that are inboxes. Most boxes have openings on the front so you can put things inside them. This one has an opening on the back for easy access to all of the items in it.
How to create a jewelry box for earrings, bracelets and necklaces

Earrings: You can store them in a long box and put them in the round holes. Necklaces: Put necklaces in a box with a lid and place them in the square holes. Beaded bracelets: You can store these items by using a large indented box with a lid for bracelets and smaller boxes for smaller pieces of jewelry.

I found that if I had a good idea, I would put it in a box. Then I would connect all of the holes with either tape loops or tabs to keep things organized. But now, I may have to go back to my old style of organizing by just making holes in the wall – but boxes are still the best solution by far.

How to make a pretty fabric-covered jewelry box

If you want to make your own jewelry box, here is how to cut it. First, cut a piece of cardboard that covers the front and back of the box. Next, get a piece of fabric that is larger than the cardboard. Then put all your jewelry in the box and put the fabric over it.

To make a box, you can use cardboard. To start, cut the correct size. Then tape it shut. It is important to label this box so that you know what it has inside of it later on. To decorate your box, let your child do this themselves with their own designs and artwork.

How to open a DIY jewelry box. If your child has already learned how to build things—and they’re pretty handy—go ahead and open the box. This might involve a hammer and a screwdriver. If it involves glue or string, that might be something your child already knows how to do. But don’t push them if they don’t know-how.

How to make an embellished shadowbox jewelry box?

If your child wants to make their box a bit more interesting, they can add some simple embellishments. This might include adding a layer of fabric or felt to the inside of the lid or using a hot glue gun to attach some beads or sequins. If your child is feeling creative, they can even try making their own jewelry to put inside the box!

Now that you know how to make and open a DIY shadowbox jewelry box, it’s time to get creative! Let your child use their imagination to come up with their own designs and decorations.


Get the best custom boxes by searching for custom packaging online. Teaching a toddler how to put on a seatbelt or thread something through a clip-on isn’t necessary, and it’s not part of the lessons you’re paying for. The most important thing is giving your child a little knowledge to get them to open and close the box on their own — or if you’ve taught them how to use it already.

If you’ve already taught your kid to get into things, there’s no reason the latter formula (what you’re really paying for, by the way) isn’t used as an opening method. Again, a hammer and screwdriver. The key is to go slow and steady.

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